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11 Apr 2017 : Entry update and decal reminder.

Folks, we're just a few weeks away from the start and I have a few requests. For those that haven't entered yet but are planning to, please sign up your team on the entry list. We are nearing what I believe is a maximum number of entrants that we can comfortably handle and really don't want anyone that wants to join us left out. If for some reason you can't join us, please delete your entry so we can keep the list current and you'll avoid thousands of dunning emails and phone calls looking for money and documents. In an earlier post I mentioned that we will have a lot less humor about decal placement. We need booth front doors to the fender and the top of windshield for our event decals and numbers. If there is any confusion about this please call me, or wait until you get to South Bend to apply any of your own sponsor or personal decals. Thank you, Brock