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23 Jan 2020 : An important 2020 update for all competitors

A few thoughts about the upcoming event: While I am very grateful to everyone that has supported the event through good years and bad, to all those teams that have signed up for the next event, I am torn with the new-found success as some teams won't be able to join us. For reasons that still escape me, there are 50 teams on the wait list. I understand it's a good thing to have a full field and folks waiting for an opening, I'd rather if somehow everyone that wanted to run, could. For the integrity of the event, and the enjoyment of the competitors, we really can't handle many more than 85 cars. In case there is some sort of incident on-track or off during our 3-hour time trials, time is lost in clean up or reacting. The time available is pretty tight with 80+ cars, more would jeopardize completing an event in a reasonable time, if time allows, and we run the risk of tossing it if not everyone runs. Please understand we are trying to be fair with the wait list, and I will keep it updated reflecting any changes. As the Wait List is so large, I would really appreciate if teams call me if their situation changes. I do expect that there will be teams that will have to drop off, its a normal process as real-life intervenes, family emergencies arise, cars break, or crash, or the significant other finds out. Teams on the wait list deserve our help to keep the entry list current. For those on the Wait List, please don't clog up the hotel reservations on the Lodging List. As teams drop off, reservations should open up. Also, and I'm sure it's the One Lap effect, the Waterford Estate Lodge is now the Ramada in South Bend. The hotel is going through renovations and should be better by the time of the event. The staff is unchanged, the bar still open. I truly appreciate the interest in the event this year as well as the enduring support of the veterans, and know we are doing everything we can to make 2020 another great year of tracks, miles and friends. I would also ask for patience as we try to sort out the extraordinary field. Thank you and please let me know if anyone has any questions or concerns. See you in May, Brock