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13 Mar 2020 : Covid-19/Corona Virus Update

After a long conversation with Matt Edmonds at the Tire Rack we have come to an agreement on our path forward in light of the Corona Virus/Covid-19. Everything is moving very quickly with testing finally ramping up, probably millions of undiagnosed people already, schools closing and limits on large groups. We have decided to wait and see what happens. There is no reason to overreact, nor is it rational to assume everything will be fine. One Lap starts in 7 weeks and a lot can change by then. My guess is if the situation turns to shit, we'll all know it and the event will be postponed. If the rate of infection ebbs, or the severity is less than we are expecting, we're good to go. Keeping our options open gives us the best ability to run, if not in the first week of May, later in the Fall, or worst case, next year. The health and safety of the entrants are my first concern and all decisions will be made with that in mind. I am thankful for the support of our sponsors, friends and entrants in this uncertain time. I will continue to field questions and concerns, sharing any and all information I have, which like most of the country isn't much. A final determination will be made 2 weeks before the start, until then, we watch, wait and wash our hands. And don't touch your face. Brock