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23 Mar 2020 : A message from Woody Rogers at Tire Rack

On behalf of all of us at Tire Rack, we’re sad about the postponement of the Tire Rack One Lap of America until May 2021, but recognize the need to stay close to home and temporarily not gather the large One Lap family. For those teams that have already made tire purchases, Tire Rack will issue the 25% rebate credits this week. You are very welcome to hold on to those tires for the 2021 event, or enjoy them when warmer weather and conditions open tracks up later this spring. As you know, the sidewalls of One Lap tires are hot-branded with the One Lap identification stamp, so they are not re-sellable to other consumers who are not participating in the event. That means (and has always meant) we cannot accept returns of One Lap tires. Imagine if the next iPhone you purchased came pre-engraved “Timmy, Class of 2020. Congratulations on your high school graduation”. You probably wouldn’t want it. Today, none of us knows what will transpire tomorrow or next week. But we are confident that this will pass soon enough, and we will all be back behind the wheel doing what we love. Stay safe, and drive when you can. Woody Rogers