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27 Jan 2021 : Event Update

I suppose it?s time for an update from my secure, undisclosed location to the state of the Tire Rack One Lap of America presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. This has been a difficult year for all of us. Between disruptions in our daily routines, to watching the country disagree on virtually everything, all the while too many people have been stricken by Covid. I want to thank all of the entrants for supporting, or at least understanding, my decision last year to postpone. I really think lives were saved. At this point, I think we can run in May but I will need and require everyone?s cooperation to insure a safe week. For those that remember the norovirus/food poisoning episode a few years ago, ours is a traveling super-spreader nightmare. Our friendships, socializing and constant contact for a week makes running this event in a pandemic especially problematic. I will be instituting rules that will follow the event around the country for everyone?s safety and I will have little patience for transgressions. This is a serious disease and I?m not going to tolerate anyone?s negligence in keeping the rest of us safe. Masks will be required in any indoor spaces, outdoors within 10 feet of any person, social distancing is now a way of life and sadly will be for the foreseeable future. Teams should coordinate and self-quarantine before the start as it is important to trust your co-drivers as you?ll be spending a lot of time in close quarters. My staff will have to do the same. At this time, it appears we will have a Driver?s Meeting but by Zoom a week before, and unless we can come up with a good plan, it is very likely the Awards Banquet will be different too. I am undecided on daily temperature checks but in the spirit of One Lap and our regard for others, I will need everyone to monitor their own health and be honest as the risks are real. I will suggest strongly that anyone that can, get a vaccination. I also would like everyone to find N95 masks. One Lap has always been a beacon of sportsmanship and camaraderie and we need your cooperation more than ever. There have been a few changed to the schedule that aren?t yet reflected on the main page. Last year I contacted each track and got a commitment to the same date one year later. Only one track, due to a change in management, decided not to honor our agreement. Sadly, it was Road Atlanta. I know most of you will be disappointed but I was able to book Atlanta Motorsports Park for the day instead and Lanier Raceplex is still on for the afternoon. Once the team finishes at AMP, they will head to Lanier, where we will have another crew running cars as they arrive. To make the day a bit longer, there will be a passage control at Glen Dodd?s old shop in Piedmont, SC to say hello. Nothing serious but Glen was a great friend and supporter of the event and we can stop by for a few minutes. I?m sure there will be more updates soon. There will be a revised Lodging List and Tire Policy posted soon and the rules updated to reflect our required Covid protocols. More as I know more. Thank you, Brock