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11 Apr 2021 : Registration and hotel update

We are less than three weeks to the start of a slightly delayed 37th running of the Tire Rack One Lap of America. For those on the entry list, you should be receiving a host of emails from Missy soliciting the required documents and monies. One of the first changes we are implementing is a streamlined registration. If all your stuff is in before we get to South Bend, you'll wander into the Waterford banquet room, sign a handful of waivers and get the decals. No touch, all done, back outside. Please send us your stuff now. A couple of other changes: All of our hotel activities will be outside or in the banquet room, this includes our bar. The usual bar will be set aside for other guests of the hotel. In our room will be registration, merchandise, the drivers meetings (one for the veterans, another following for the new folks) welcoming party and, again, our bar. The banquet room may also be used for our awards presentation if the weather really sucks when we return. Right now, the number of new daily infections nationwide are twice what they were when I canceled last year so I remain very serious masks and social distancing and I will have no humor, nor patience, for anyone that does not comply. The timing and scoring staff has asked that they are off-limits during the events. We have a Covid-system in place and all the scoring is done remotely. They will be busy, scores will appear quickly on your device of choice and they will be socially distanced. We can do this event safely and still have fun with your cooperation and understanding. Please. More soon, Brock