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15 Apr 2021 : A registration reminder

Folks, a couple of requests. We are just a few days from the deadline for document submission so we can have a safe, no-touch, registration. Please get your stuff in so we're not slammed at the last minute, or hold up the line at the hotel. Also, Reg Noble and his son Jonathan are Canadian and unable to cross the border to make the event. For several years, they have been good enough to print out our name badges in support of the Brock Yates Memorial Fund at the Alzheimer's Association. First of all, they need to know who is coming so complete your entries with your co-drivers, otherwise some will get a lovely tag that says "participant". Second, in the past they would produce tags in two colors, one free to the field, and a purple one for a donation. This year only purple ones will be available with a donation to the cause. Since the BYMF was started, we have raised nearly $100,000 and we like to reach that milestone this year with your support. Thank you.