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21 Oct 2022 : Rule changes for 2023

As we prepare to open the 2023 entry list I want to warn folks about some rule changes. A point of pride I have always taken with our event is our safety record. Its no secret that, over the years, my anxiety over the speeds and performance of the cars has risen to the point where I no longer feel comfortable. Therefore I am making a few changes to help ensure the safety of the event moving forward by taking some proactive measures. As we are in street-legal cars, most without proper racing harnesses or roll cages, we are limited in our safety improvements, however there are a few things we can do: 1) Henceforth, for all entered One Lap vehicles, we will require properly fitted head and neck restraints. Vehicles with proper racing belts should choose a Hans-type restraint, while those with factory belts will be required to have a Hybrid-type system. (Project Motoring is working on a group buy to lessen the cost and hopefully well have an announcement in the near future.) 2) All entered vehicles must have an approved extinguisher properly mounted in the car. 3) Any vehicle showing cords on a tire are to be ruled unsafe and will not be allowed on track. Teams should monitor their tire wear more closely and make changes as needed before becoming an issue. Thank you

2023 Rules can be seen here.