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12 Apr 2011 : Autobarn Returns to One Lap

Client: The Autobarn Ltd.
Dealerships: Mazda Evanston & Countryside
Agency Contact: Carmen Maugeri 773.328.5770
Team Contact: Eric Vates 773.616.9039


The Autobarn participated in their first One Lap Of America last year driving a 2010 MazdaSpeed5 Van in the Truck and Van Class. They were challenged by constant driving, lack of sleep and a factory driven 2010 BMW X5 that was constantly at its heals. The only way to really know what they achieved by winning this class would be to actually do the event. "3,400 miles in 7 days in a big circle. Stopping at 8 tracks for a hot lap and then ending up in the same place you started is ridiculous" stated Jason Saini "I have never experienced anything like it, I am completely exhausted."

The one thing that teammates Richard Fisher (Britain) and Jason Saini (US) both agreed upon was that they would return bigger and better and ready to protect their title. With the knowledge and experience they obtained on the road and track last year they were able to make improvements to not only the vehicle but to the comforts that they will be bringing with them this year. "Being in a car, with everything you think you need, tools, extra tire, lawn chairs, snacks, power converter and no air conditioning becomes a bit monotonous" said Richard Fisher, "there comes a point when you run out of things to talk about and in that dead silence you realize, we have six more days of this."

This year the Autobarn team will be returning to the event with two cars. The MazdaSpeed5 Van will be returning to protect their title with Jason Saini returning and Richard Fisher as his co-pilot. The new addition to the team and to the Mazda product line is the MazdaSpeed2 with Charles Espenlaub and Eric Vates co-piloting. This sporty little car by Mazda has become very popular over the past year of introduction into the states. The Autobarn MazdaSpeed2 has been modified with a MazdaSpeed3 Turbo 2.3 litre DISI engine making it track ready for the week-long challenge. Registered in the economy car class - the build team Tim Guntorius and Dan Gleason believe that with the co-pilots chosen for this car there is a very good chance that the Autobarn will be coming home with two first in class trophies.

On May 6th, a day before the end of the challenge at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Il the Autobarn Mazda of Countryside and Evanston with the help of a local Chicago radio station B96 and their evening disk jockey Jason Cage will be giving away a 2011 Mazda2 to a listener.

The Autobarn is a Chicago area based auto group consisting of the Midwest's 2 largest Mazda dealerships, 4 Volkswagen dealerships, a Subaru, Nissan and BMW Motorcycle dealership. They enjoy selling, servicing, driving and racing all of their brands.

During the 7-day event you can follow both teams at