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01 Jan 2011 : One Lap Site Upgrades

A number of upgrades have been made to the One Lap of America website. For the geeks in the audience, we've finally upgraded from Tomcat 4 to 5.5. The entire site has been refactored employing the Struts 1 framework and Tiles. What does this mean to you, the One Lap competitor? Well, nothing really.

Changes you will see, however, are mostly in the online registration system:

  • Login credentials are now under your control. Pick your own login name and password.
  • Unlimited sponsor/charity links may be attached to your entry
  • Team names are now supported.
  • Greater flexibility in car number formats. In fact, the ability to assign Amanda car #00 was the inspiration for all of these upgrades.

Stay tuned for more cool upgrade announcements.