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14 Oct 2010 : 2011 Schedule


Sorry for the delay getting the schedule out but this year has been more challenging than most lining up all the tracks. The dates are set in stone, that much is right, the rest, as veterans know, is subject to change. The first Saturday is still largely to be announced but it's close enough to see where we're going.

The 2011 schedule as it stands;

April 30th through May 7th.

Saturday: Start at Tire Rack, Wet Skid Pad Challenge, possible Oval and autocross TBA

Sunday: Summit Point, WV, Main track

Monday: Carolina MP and then the BMW Performance Center

Tuesday: Daytona and Gainesville

Wednesday: NOLA Motorsports Park

Thursday: Barber Motorsports Park

Friday: Autobahn

Saturday: Finish at Tire Rack, Dry, warmer I hope, Skid Pad Challenge

Please call me if anyone has any questions.

Thank you,


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