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01 Jan 2015 : One Lap Jan 1 Announcement

Happy New Year to all of our One Lap Friends and Family around the world. 31 years ago the One Lap of America was the toughest rally event you could do with a road legal car. Now entering our 32nd year we are proud to have maintained that designation. .

We are extremely lucky to have so much support from our current and previous participants, from our fans, and from friends of our event. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors who stand with us year after year to make sure our traditional weeklong trek around this beautiful country continues. This support pushes us to continually work to make the event more special for our participants while providing the best value possible for our sponsors. With all this in mind:.

The Tire Rack One Lap of America Presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine is excited to announce that we intend to film the entire 2015 event for a project that you will hear more about in the coming months..

While vague we can promise you that subsequent announcements will only build the excitement and make the 32nd running of the event the best yet. We can tell you that you do not want to miss this year. If you have been on the fence about joining us now is the time to commit. As of writing this we have 35 vehicles registered. We will cap the field at 100 vehicles in order to maintain a safe, smooth event. To maintain fairness and the spirit of the event we operate on a first come, first served basis..

It is also time to dust off those camcorders and charge up those cameras. We are now going to start accepting audition tape submissions for our project. From January 1, 2015 and ending on February 28, 2015 we will be accepting submissions. In order to be considered for this project you must be registered for the 2015 event..

Submissions should include:.

  • Your Team Name
  • Your Names
  • Information about your vehicle and why you have chosen it for the event
  • What your expectations are for the 2015 event
  • What challenges you anticipate
  • Anything interesting that we should know about you as a person that makes you awesome (are in the military, that you can eat 100 tacos without getting sick, are doing the event for a special reason, etc...)
  • Any charity you are supporting and why

Send all submissions to with the subject line "2015 OLOA Awesome Mix Tape." Dropbox links are preferred but we will accept just about anything we can view easily and download. .

See you on the road...