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26 Feb 2015 : A Friendly Request

For the next 6 weeks I will be traveling around the country teaching and it would be very helpful if everyone that will be running the event start getting the sign-up process completed sooner than later. If I am not able to respond immediately to any inquiries, either by phone or email, please be a little patient as I will do my best to get back to you. If by phone, please leave the best numbers to call back and I will at my first convenience. At this point, we have 64 entries and I know of many more that are coming. If for some reason you are signed up and can't join us, please send me a note or remove your entry from the list. My fax will not be on all the time so please call first and scanned images may work better for the near future. Of course, sending hard copies of the required paperwork works just fine. Thank you for your understanding. See you in May, Brock