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06 Feb 2016 : Look Up Systems' Medical QR EMT Tool To Be Included For 2016 Driver Entries

Look Up Systems' Medical QR EMT tool will be included in competitive and transit drivers entries for 2016.

Look Up Systems' Medical QR EMT tool is instantly identifiable and scanned by First Responders/Safety Crews resulting in instant access to immediate medical and personal safety gear information normally kept in the paddock for stabilizing the patient within the Platinum Ten.

The company offers its Medical QR EMT tool in such accessories as helmet decals, embroidery DST files (for Sprint Car Driver's suits/Mudding), necklace tags, shoe tags and ID Cards for sports where traditional types of ID are not normally carried.

The company was founded in 2009 as, a division of two individually owned advertising companies selling restaurant table ads with mobile websites (QRs). George Jackson, one of the founders, thought of making his Medical Information available by scanning a QR code on a wallet card. It was Rudy Arias in 2010 who originally developed and designed the current Decal/Trademarked logo for personal use at HPDEs (High Performance Driving Education) as an instructor and participant at Legal Open Road Events (Silver State Classic).

The company was restructured in 2014 and named Look Up Systems, Inc. and is now based in Punta Gorda, Florida.