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2023 The Tire Rack One Lap of America

Official Rules

Official Tires: see The Tire Rack One Lap Tire Policy

Sanctioned by the National Auto Sport Association

Last update: November 28, 2022


A variation on the NASCAR system, which awards points deep into the field, is best suited for One Lap. For each event, first place is awarded points equal to 5x the number of official entrants. Each succeeding position is awarded 5 points less than the previous. Thus, if there are 95 entrants, then first place for a particular event would be awarded 475 points with second place receiving 470, third 465 and so on. Similarity, class points for a particular event are awarded with first place receiving points equal to 5x the number of official entrants in that class. Thus, if there are 10 entrants in SSGT1 class, first place at each event would receive 50 points, second 45 and so on. A DNS (Did not start) or DNF (Did not finish) receives 0 (zero) points.

To be overall winner and class winner will be determined by the total high scores accrued from each of the contests along the route. Ties will be decided by the total elapsed time in competition events. Trophies will be awarded for overall standings and class winners.

The entered vehicles will be divided into the following Classes for purposes of scoring and award presentations:

Class Structure

1. Sports/GT cars over $50,000 - Engine displacement 3.5L and over

2. Sports/GT cars over $50,000 - Engine displacement under 3.5L

3. Sports/GT cars under $50,000 - Engine displacement 3.5L and over

4. Sports/GT cars under $50,000 - Engine displacement under 3.5L

5. Mid-priced sedans and wagons $20,000-$50,000

6. American Cruisers (American Sedans over 3.5 liters)

7. Economy cars under $25,000

8. Luxury sedans and wagons over $50,000

9. Sport Utility vehicles and pickups all price ranges

10. Classic American: All domestically produced vehicles built prior to 1991, including street rods, specials, etc.

11. Classic Imported: All types built prior to 1991

12. Alternate Fuel class-including hybrids, electric, diesels, etc. (does NOT include E85 fueled vehicles)

13. Retro: Vehicles intended to reflect past trends or models, Minis, etc.

Note: Classification based on categories defined manufacturers' intent as determined by the organizers. These dollar amounts are reflective of 2023 dollars and should be adjusted for inflation for older vehicles, and used only as a guideline. Our main criteria is manufacturer intent, not the actual dollar value, as to what segment of the market in which the car designed to be sold.

In addition to the above classes, trophies will be awarded for the three highest placing Stock vehicles in two categories: GT (sports coupes) and Touring (sedans). In an event where an unmodified car is at often at a disadvantage, we will recognize those that are willing to compete with an unmolested vehicle. The class will be self-policing and all entrants must commit at the start. Wheels, tires and brake material are open, the rest of the car must remain stock. Teams committed to this class must be willing to provide reasonable access to others in the class for verification as requested. The organizer and staff will only be consulted for judgments when all other sources are exhausted and will be the final authority.

To be eligible for the "Stock" trophies, competitors must amend their vehicle description in the One Lap driver database by selecting the appropriate "stock" designation. Non-stock safety equipment must be approved by the organizer to balance safety and the intent of the class.

Again, the "Stock" trophies will be in addition to the normal class structure, not a stand-only class.

Clarification of Sedans and Coupes
If a model comes in both a two-door and four-door option and the only difference is the number of doors, then that vehicle will be classed as a sedan. (Example: BMW M3 2 door coupe is classed as a sedan).

Driver/Crew Eligibility

All participants must be 18 years of age or older and carry a valid driver's license for use on all highways in the continental United States. A minimum of two drivers per car is required. A maximum of four is permitted. All racetrack competitors must submit an outline of his or her driving background. Racing experience or special driving schools (NASA, Bob Bondurant, Skip Barber, Jim Russell, BMW CCA etc.) is required for all on-track competitors. No racing license is required. The minimum experience for the track events is two one-day schools. A school for our needs is a full day of classroom with on-track instruction at speed on a closed course racetrack. NASA HPDE's will work and many other clubs offer tracks days with instruction. The vehicle, not the crew, is the official entry. Crew members may be subtracted from a vehicle (provided a minimum of two remain on board at all times) but not added. Multi-car teams will not be allowed to swap crews in the event of a retirement, or for any other reason, i.e., the crew that starts the event will stay with the vehicle for the duration.

(Exception: special family emergencies will be considered on an individual, one-time basis.)

Required Documentation

All team members will provide copies of their insurance declarations page showing a minimum of $500,000 in liability coverage.
All team members will provide copies of their current driver's licenses.
All team members must be members of the National Auto Sport Association and provide copies of their licenses. or 510-232-6272
The team captain will provide a copy of entered vehicle registration.

Number Assignment:

Whenever possible, numbers will be assigned based on the arrival of fully paid entry fees. Car will be grouped in classes in order to expedite track usage and to insure that slower cars are not overtaken during the track events. Therefore, numbers will be assigned based on performance potential. Requests for special numbers will be considered.


Maximum Entrants: The field will be limited to 85 entries. Any subsequent entries will be put on a waiting list and as there are openings, we will take teams in order of registration.

Highway Laws: It is expected that competitors will conform to all highway laws in the states that the event passes. Observed violations affecting the safety of the competitors, or other motorists, will result in immediate disqualification. Any behavior on or off the track that reflects badly on One Lap, or it's sponsors, in any way is grounds for ejection from the event. Any violations of highway law resulting in a conviction are also grounds for disqualification.

Competing Vehicles will be two-axle only with maximum wheelbase of 220 inches (exceptions will be made at the discretion of the organizers).

Entered Vehicles must be cosmetically presentable and in top mechanical condition.

Entered Vehicles will carry all event sponsors' decals as required and will carry no decals representing conflicting sponsors. One Lap reserves the entire windshield and the front fenders back including both doors, or equal space, for the event decals. This will typically include a Tire Rack windshield header decal, door decal, number plaque, NASA tech decal and several sponsor decals including the tire brand you use during competition. Required tire manufacturer sponsor decals must be installed on the front fender above the wheel opening. Modifying the decals, in any way, is not allowed without a One Lap official's approval.

Seat Belts must be in top condition, either OEM units or special racing belts as approved by recognizing competition-sanctioning organizations.

All Interior equipment: luggage, tools, etc. must be properly secured.

Mufflers must remain in place for the entire event. While every effort is made to select tracks that have 103 dB or higher sound limits, times are changing and tracks have to be more responsive to the local communities. It is the responsibility of the team to insure the vehicle is in compliance with any track sound restrictions. Sound limit infractions may result in a black flag and a DNF.

Roll Bars are permitted in all vehicles and are required on all soft-top vehicles. Soft-top vehicles with factory installed roll-over protection MUST confer with One Lap officials to ensure compliance with track and insurance safety requirements before entry applications will be accepted. Soft-top vehicles failing to meet track and insurance safety requirements will be barred from competition.

Required equipment includes: Each vehicle will have as a minimum a working 2-pound 1BC dry chemical Fire Extinguisher (or better) in the vehicle preferably mounted in easy access to the driver, first-aid kit, four highway flares or three DOT emergency triangles must be carried. A small toolbox is recommended.

The organizers reserve the right to exclude any entered vehicle at any time during the event if it is deemed to be unsafe or being operated in an unsafe manner.

All forward-facing lights must be controlled by a single dimmer switch.

All Auxiliary-fuel capacity must be carried in a NASA or major sanctioning body approved fuel cell. No exceptions permitted.

Unless otherwise specified all vehicle modifications are allowed, provided they meet with the spirit of the event; requirements of safety, good taste, common sense, etc.

Tires: Entered vehicles will run on mass-produced, readily available DOT-approved tires that have highway-legal tread depth throughout the event (greater than 2/32 of an inch).

  • Tires must have a minimum UTQG Treadwear Rating of 200
  • Tires must begin the event with at least 7/32" tread depth. Tire shaving is not allowed.
  • Tires must complete the event with at least 2/32" tread depth in the major grooves
  • Tires must be street legal
  • Track & Competition DOT tires (as defined by Tire Rack) are not permitted, regardless of what tires were fitted to a vehicle as Original Equipment
  • Tires must be sourced from Tire Rack and bear the OLOA 2023 brand

All competitors will be allowed to carry one spare tire per wheel size. There is no exception for directional tires. The tires mounted on the entered vehicle will be inspected and painted at Tech with the manufacturer's name so any tire changes are easy to spot by One Lap officials. If there is a tire failure not caused by abuse, set-up or driving style, entrants may use a spare once a One Lap official has seen the failed tire and approved the change.

The general condition of the tire and rim assembly must be good. There should be no cracks or other damage to the wheel. There should not be cords exposed, bubbles, or other visible damage on the tire. All lug nuts must be present and tightly hold the tire and rim assembly to the car's hub.

Competitors who wish to use tires left over from the 2022 One Lap of America event (including unused spares) will be allowed to do so provided that:

  • Are of a brand participating in the 2023 event (see list of eligible brands in separate Tire Program memo)
  • Are marked with "OLOA 2023" branding
  • Have at least 7/32-inch of tread depth remaining in the major grooves

Eligible tires are to be acquired as specified in the separate One Lap of America Tire Program published elsewhere on this site.

All competitors in time trials, autocrosses or drag races will wear a current (2015 or later) SA (Special Application) Snell approved crash helmet and a single-layer or better fire-proof driver's suit. Motorcycle approved helmets are specifically banned. One driver on track--no passengers will be on board during time trials. Head and Neck restraints appropriate for the vehicle and installed safety equipment are now required for all competition events. Such head and neck restraints include Hans (or appropriate hybrid) device. So-called doughnut or horse shoe head/neck restraints are NOT allowed.

No Support vehicles of any kind will be allowed to accompany any entered vehicle.

It is recommended that crews carry a waterproof tarpaulin in other storage equipment for protecting luggage, etc., when unloaded at the various pit areas during time trials.

Competitors must clean up and police their pit area prior to departure. Failure to do so may result in a 50-point penalty.

Seeding of cars within their classes will be based on performance potential, and will be altered based on the first roadcourse results. Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the run-groups to adjust the run-order as necessary.

Passing on the track is permitted (although the spacing of cars should make this a rare occurrence). Competitors being overtaken will show every courtesy to the faster driver. Balking will not be tolerated. If blocking is witnessed by the corner-stations or our staff a 10-second penalty may be the result.

Run groups: All competitors will run in roughly the same order as their seeding. At each venue, event officials will organize the competitors into run groups the size of which will be determined by track length, speed potential and safety.

Leaving the pits with your run-group is not the start of the time trial. The actual competition does not start until the entrant sees the Green Flag and crosses the start line. At any time during the recon, an entrant may pull into the pits or alert the starter that they wish to abandon the run to try again later within the remaining window for the event. The penalty will be running out of run group as specified by conditions and One Lap staff.

Each time trial is exactly 3 hours long from the time out of the first car on track. If a team is running late and shows up at the staging lanes ready to run before the 3 hour window is closed, they will be given a chance to run their event. Every effort will be made by the staff to insure all cars will get to run unless tracks rules, weather or any other unforeseeable condition precludes the run. The out of run-group penalty would apply. If for some reason the entire event is running late, One Lap staff will do everything we can to finish all vehicles. If for some reason all vehicles on-site cannot run we may be forced to scratch that event.

Drag and Bracket Drag Races are run by the hosting track and are subject the hosting track's rules and schedule. The Drag Race is followed immediately by the Bracket Drag and while you may run in any order for the Drag Race you may NOT compete in the Drag Race once it has completed. During the bracket race you MUST run in your heat or be eliminated.

Failure to run in specified group will result in a 10-second penalty if track is dry. If a competitor fails to run in his or hers assigned run group and the track is wet, a 30 second per mile of race track (rounded to the next mile) could be imposed depending on the change of conditions. Example: the penalty for failing to run in your specified run group on a 2.3 mile road course and the track is wet and has dried since your run-group went out, a 90 second penalty would be imposed. If the track conditions didn't change, (i.e. still wet) the 10-second penalty would apply. The organizers, at their discretion, may assign stiffer penalties should circumstances warrant.

Failure to exit the track at Pit-In Slows the event for everyone and will incur a 10-second penalty.

Failure to stop at the start/finish line at the end of the warm-up/Recon lap puts the starter and other cars in danger and will, at minimum, require a 10-second penalty.

Cones on the track. Any cones our staff or< track management places on the track are for the safety of the competitors. Hitting the cones will result in a 10-second penalty, and if deemed for advantage, a DNF may result.

Short-cutting the course. Any off-track that is deemed for advantage will result in a DNF.

Specific rules for on-track competition will be supplied to official entrants via the Route Book or driver's bulletin.

Passage controls along the highway route must be adhered to. Arrival times will encompass a ten-minute window. Competitors failing to arrive within that window will accrue a penalty on the basis of one point deducted from the overall score for each minute early or late. Missing a control entirely will result in 50 points being deducted from the overall score.

Track Walking is encouraged before the start of all the events depending on the track rules. All competitors will be off the track 15 minutes before the first run group. There will be no motorized vehicles allowed on track. Any auxiliary vehicles are subject to the rules of the various racetracks.

The following flags will be employed:

Green Beginning of timed laps

White Beginning of final timed laps

Checkered Run completed

Yellow Hazard ahead, no passing until past the problem

Black Extreme danger. Be prepared to stop. Proceed to pit slowly

Red Emergency on track, come to a safe, controlled stop, wait for instructions from corner workers

Blue with yellow strip You are being overtaken. Let faster car through

No competitor may use the registered trademarks of The Tire Rack, Grass Roots Motorsports, One Lap of America, NASA, or any other event sponsor without the expressed written consent of the parties in question.

All competitors must be members of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and physicals are no longer required, for some of us though, suggested. For membership information call 610 983-3379

Liability Requirements All team members are required to carry a minimum of $500,000 liability from a U.S. or Canadian insurance underwriter (or agent). It is easy to obtain this additional coverage. Corporate policies are acceptable at the above limit. Garage or dealer policies must specifically cover the crew members for liability in order to be acceptable at the event.

Track Damage Liability Any damage caused by a One Lap competitor to the property of a facility visited during this event is the responsibility of that competitor. This includes (but is not limited to) race tracks, public places, restaurants, hotels or anywhere else One Lap visits. "Any damage" means just that. For example: damage to a given race track's protective barrier due to contact with a competitor's vehicle is the sole responsibility of that competitor.

The entry fee of the 2023 Tire Rack One Lap of America will be $4000 U.S. funds only, non-refundable. The fee includes car and crew, specified social events, and eligibility for all prizes and awards.